About Subala

Subcontractors Association of Alabama

Subcontractors Association of Alabama, (SubAla) previously Alabama Roofing Sheet Metal Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ARSM-HACCA), was formed at a state-wide convention in 1955. It was formed when the already successful Birmingham Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractor’s Association was encouraged to charter an organization on a state-wide basis.

The object, purpose and scope of SubAla:

  • The advancement of contractors engaged in the artisan trades, including, but not limited to, sheet metal, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, and roofing industries, and their suppliers and manufacturers, through securing the cooperation of the various persons and firms engaged in such businesses, and collecting, correlating and disseminating all information of value to them through the medium of the Association.

  • To establish and promote higher standards of workmanship and to establish harmonious and helpful relations among members and among the various organizations with whom said members must correlate their efforts.

  • To promote through cooperative effort and published facts the standards concerning these businesses with the general public so that the general public will be acquainted with said standards and objectives.

  • To provide adequate and necessary state representation on behalf of these industries, in dealing with state government agencies, other industry groups and representatives of the public.

The Association has a long history of industry advancement and has offered a number of services throughout its history including the continuation of the state-wide convention that began in 1955. Other SubAla services include:

  • Government Affairs and Legislative Representation
  • Education
  • Human Resource Services
  • Electronic Safety Library
  • Events - (Annual Convention, Industry Awards Banquet, Meet The GCs Expo, Golf Tournament, Oktoberfest)
  • Discount Program(s)
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Membership Directory
  • Workers Compensation Self-Insurance Fund